A Tale of Two Websites

Having a website and having an online presence are two very different things.  Any business can have a website but can that website be found when someone is searching for the goods and services offered by the business without knowing the business name? That is the distinction.  A useful online presence means that a company website can be found by those searching for the goods and services the company sells, even if they have never heard of the company.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process that persuades search engines that some sites are more relevant to certain keywords than others and therefore should be ranked higher.  Combining high-quality design and content with strategic posting on other sites and backlinks, SEO  teams can boost a site’s position in search engine result pages.

Landau Consulting, a New Jersey company offering SEO internet marketing services, builds the online presence for small businesses by creating modern mobile-friendly websites and then executes campaigns using an SEO online marketing strategy customized for each business.

It is worth comparing the performance of two websites, one with SEO and on-page optimizations and one without.  While a quick to market website can be online first and for less cost, is it better?  With websites, Google rewards relevance and quality over earlier launch time and that reward can be the difference between appearing on page 1 and not appearing within the first 10 pages of the search results.

Landau Consulting has created this infographic that shows the difference in website performance in terms of gaining customers and increasing if it employs current SEO online marketing techniques over simply launching a website alone.  A technology partner that provides consulting in internet marketing and SEO services can help your business achieve similar results.

A Tale of Two Websites Infographic